Stay Active No Matter Your Age with CBD for Muscle Recovery!


Have you ever spent the day outdoors, hiking, biking, gardening, or simply enjoying being active only to pay the price the next day with sore muscles that ache when you try to carry out your normal daily activities? Are you afraid you’re going to have to resign yourself to this as your “new normal”? Don’t worry, there may be a natural solution to help you stay active no matter your age. Have you heard of people using CBD for muscular recovery? Millions of people have started using CBD for muscle recovery and they’re living life to the fullest because of it!

Sometimes playing weekend sports, going bike riding, running, golfing, even playing frisbee or baseball with the grandkids can get harder to do as we get a little older. Physical exercise is a great way to stay healthy as we age and using CBD products may be able to help you stay as active as you want to be without paying the price of soreness, aching muscles, and stiffness. CBD might be the answer to help you keep doing what you love, and the key to a shorter, less painful recovery when you overdo it.

 If you’re recently retired, you likely have more time on your hands to do those things you love to do that keep you healthy, active, and vital. Once your days aren’t consumed by going to an office five days a week, you can do the things you didn’t have time for before. CBD health products are a great tool you can easily take along for the ride (or walk, or hike!) to enjoy all the free time you now have. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and you deserve to enjoy all those things you’ve been waiting to do, without paying for it with a sore body.

BioSpring CBD products like our daily CBD drops are clean, natural products extracted from hemp plants grown in the USA. Our full spectrum hemp oil is blended with fractionated coconut oil, and easy to take along in a pocket or purse wherever you’re headed. Use our BioSpring Lip Love hemp lip balm to keep your lips from becoming dry, chapped, or cracked. Each .15oz tube of hemp lip balm contains 25mg full spectrum hemp extract for smooth, healthy lips. Choose from a variety of flavors including strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, and more. Our moisturizing cream is made with relaxing essential oils like lavender and tea tree combined with naturally occurring hemp extract. Use BioSpring CBD Skin Care cream before bed for smooth skin every morning or carry it with you and use it throughout the day. For those sore muscles we talked about earlier, our Deep Rub is just the ticket for CBD muscular recovery. This nourishing, replenishing salve combines some of our favorite essential oils with naturally occurring hemp extract to give you an intensive healing pain rub that feels great on your skin, day or night.

At BioSpring, we’re committed to offering our consumers easy access to natural products for pain relief, health, and wellness. All our CBD products offer a natural, safe alternative to prescription drugs and over the counter medications. Browse our store today for the CBD products that offer you a better choice for a healthier life.