Stay on the Slopes – Try CBD Oil for Joint Pain!

The sun is peering above the craggy peaks high above the ski resort, your family and friends are have pulled on their parkas, hats, and gloves, and everyone is waiting for you to enjoy another day of tackling the slopes. But you’re too busy grimacing with pain as your joints ache. You want to join, but you can’t imagine another day’s worth of skiing and what it will do to your already sore joints. You’ve looked forward to this ski trip for months, but now all you want to do is go home.


Sound familiar? Millions of people struggle with joint pain and find themselves unable to enjoy skiing and other fun activities. Many of these people have begun trying CBD oil for joint pain in order to be able to get back out on the slopes and have the trip they’ve been dreaming of! BioSpring carries plenty of CBD products, such as our pain rub salve.

CBD Oil for Joint Pain


What is CBD?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoids naturally occurring in both the marijuana and hemp plants. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptors present in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in humans and other mammals. Two types of cannabinoid receptors, cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1R) and cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2R), were discovered in the early 1990s. With increasing research proving the many benefits of natural pain solutions such as cannabidiol for a variety of symptoms, many people are choosing to turn away from traditional forms of treatment and trying CBD oil for joint pain relief.


Winter sports are a great way to stay active during the colder months of the year, spend time with family, friends, and loved ones outdoors, and enjoy the beautiful winter landscape. But skiing and snowboarding can also be a source of joint pain. One study shows that skiing can result in knee joint injuries and snowboarding is the culprit for many ankle injuries. Medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to chronic pain, inflammation, and joint injuries in people of all ages, not just the elderly, although age certainly can be a contributing factor to joint pain and stiffness.


Another study suggests that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol offer relief from painful chronic inflammation of the joints for arthritis sufferers, stating that “…the endocannabinoid system is an attractive therapeutic target of RA.” BioSpring is committed to providing consumers with access to the pain relieving possibilities of cannabidiol. Our carefully formulated CBD products offer a natural, safe alternative to dangerous prescription drugs often used to combat joint pain.


How to use CBD oil for pain


We provide our customers with a natural, healthy alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Try our Deep Rub pain relief or Skin Care hemp moisturizer skin cream made with relaxing essential oils that work with CBD oil. Browse our store today for other CBD products that offer today’s active, health conscious consumer an alternative for healthier, pain-free living.

CBD for Joint Pain