Why You Should Consider Giving Pets CBD Treats


It’s official: people are raving about the various health and wellness benefits of CBD! This previously underrated cannabinoid, found in all varieties of cannabis plants, has taken center stage in the holistic health industry, with experts conducting more research than ever before. Beauty products, supplements, and foods infused with CBD have hit the market with a great deal of success and eager buyers who are excited to reap the health benefits provided by the natural plant extract. CBD extract is an excellent health supplement, and not just for people! Mammalian pets may also enjoy improved health from a CBD supplemented diet. BioSpring, a retailer of high quality hemp extract infused products, carries specially formulated pet treats and has compiled some information about how they can benefit your fur-baby. 

General Health CBD, or cannabidiol, has been shown to possess some pretty amazing properties which can greatly bolster the health of individuals who supplement their lifestyle with the extract. Acting as a strong antioxidant, the molecule has the ability to remove toxins and free radicals from the body and slow the aging process. These antioxidant effects also help collagen to decline less rapidly, making for a shinier coat, stronger claws, and healthy bones and joints. In addition, CBD tends to inspire the appetite. If your darling pet has been feeling under the weather, is losing their appetite due to age, or has recently undergone a surgery, then CBD may help them recover their interest in food. 

It’s Not Psychoactive When people think of cannabis extracts (oils, infused edibles, etc), they may be under the impression that all of these products, including solely CBD infused products, get you high. CBD, unlike THC and other cannabinoids, is not psychoactive. The effects of CBD are purely physical 

and therapeutic, with mild dosing allowing for a barely perceivable difference in temperament. BioSpring respects animal rights, and we stand by our CBD treats as safe and respectful relaxants for your pets. Giving your pets CBD treats will only alleviate mild anxiety/restlessness and may produce drowsiness. For added perspective: the effects of our CBD treats are different, and far less pronounced than those of catnip for feline pets. 

Dental Health Remember those antioxidant properties we mentioned in the previous section? It turns out that these detoxifying benefits of antioxidant-rich CBD can also work wonders for oral and dental health when consumed. The texture of our treats go to work to remove plaque from your pet’s teeth, while the CBD increases circulation to the gums. This can help to ward off a host of bacteria responsible for gum disease and bad breath! 

BioSpring stands by the safety and effectiveness of all our CBD-infused products, including our assortment of pet treats. Available in four premium flavors, and with breed-size dosing information on each package, our treats are bound to be a hit! We recommend consulting your pet’s veterinarian before implementing CBD treats into their lifestyle. For more information, visit our website or learn more from our blog