Why You Should Use CBD Skincare


CBD and its various health benefits have been on an upward trend, and manufacturers of health foods and lifestyle products have been increasingly implementing CBD to stay competitive while offering consumers a new and exciting health supplement. Cannabidiol, or CBD extract, hasn’t been reserved for pain relief drops and vape oils, but has also earned its place in the beauty and skincare niche. Read on to discover what CBD can do for your skin!

CBD as an Antioxidant 

One of the little-known reasons that CBD is so healthy for the body: its molecular structure and chemical properties. CBD molecules possess strong antioxidant capabilities and have an affinity to bind to unstable, single-electron bearing chemical groups called free radicals. If left unchecked, free radicals accumulate in the body and disassemble healthy molecules by pulling electrons away from them. This can lead to extensive cellular damage and even cancer. 

From the perspective of vanity, free radicals are just as concerning. When the body possesses more free radical exposure, the skin is most often impacted. Wrinkling, and a general decay of collagen and elastin performance are the consequences of exposure to free radicals. In order to limit your exposure to free radicals and protect your complexion, you should drink two liters of water daily, eat healthy food, avoid smoking and limit alcohol consumption. Adding a CBD-infused moisturizer to your skincare routine is the final step in attaining soft, smooth, and firm skin.

CBD Reduces Inflammation 

If you have sensitive skin, you can probably relate to the frustration of trying out new skincare products and moisturizers. These heavily-scented and harsh chemical-bearing products do nothing for your skin (except cause breakout or rash). However, one of the main properties of CBD is its ability to reduce inflammation, even when applied topically. If you struggle with eczema, rosacea, or just generally sensitive skin, you must give CBD moisturizers a try. CBD is fat soluble and absorbs quickly into moistened skin, allowing its soothing effects to go to work immediately. With BioSpring’s hemp skincare moisturizer, you may apply both at night and during the day.

In the health and beauty market, there are hundreds of creams and moisturizers which all make the promise of youthful and clear skin while incorporating dozens of harsh chemicals and fragrances into their formulas. BioSpring’s line of CBD infused skincare products avoids the use of chemicals and adulterants, and relies only on natural oils and our proprietary CBD extract to get you the results you desire: beautiful, glowing, smooth skin. 

Here is what is in our skincare moisturizer: hemp oil, organic coconut oil, apricot oil, organic sunflower seed oil, almond oil, olive oil, hemp oil, beeswax, self-emulsifying wax, aloe, full spectrum hemp, essential oils: lavender, rosemary, tea tree, Helichrysum, liquid germall plus, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary, antioxidant.

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