Full Range of High Quality, Naturally Produced Hemp CBD Extract Products for Sale

BioSpring is built on high quality, natural processes, and simple ingredients. Hemp extract, also known as CBD extract, is available from BioSpring for topical application, drops, and even in dog treats. Browse our full line today and choose the product that’s best for your needs.

BODY – Try our hemp skin cream, pain rub, and lip balm

Many people assume that hemp-derived CBD products are only good for dealing with internal symptoms, but with BioSpring, you can also buy hemp lotion online if you’re seeking safe, natural, external sources of relief.  We’re pleased to offer a range of moisturizing, aromatic, topical products designed to soothe your body.

Our hemp body lotion features full spectrum hemp oil, cultivated in Colorado, paired with calming essential oils like lavender and tea tree, while our deep rub salve nourishes skin and induces relaxation with crisp peppermint and wintergreen aromas.  Chapped lips will love our CBD lip balm, featuring natural cocoa butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.

- Uses of CBD Body Products

When you search for CBD products for sale for yourself or buy hemp dog treats for sale online, you need to know that the items you purchase are safe, natural, and discreet.  BioSpring delivers with a line of potent hemp-derived CBD products that are 100% legal in all 50 states and designed to meet your topical needs.Our body products can easily be applied directly to the skin to deliver soothing relief on contact.  Relax and rejuvenate daily with our Skin Care moisturizer, apply Deep Rub cream to areas that suffer aches or extreme dryness, and use Lip Love to combat dry, chapped, or cracked lips that could use some soothing TLC.

- Physical Benefits of CBD Oil for Sale Online

When you seek hemp oil for sale online, you’re probably looking for a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical relief, or at least a supplement to other therapies.  Prescribed medications can cause any number of undesirable side effects that many people would rather avoid, and if safe, legal, hemp-derived CBD products can help, why wouldn’t you want to try them?

When you choose BioSpring for topical relief, you’ll enjoy pure CBD products cultivated in Colorado under rigorous quality control standards.  You’ll get products you can trust from people who care.  Our pure, potent body products are always designed to deliver relief and peace of mind, with the added benefit of delightful aromas.

- Proper Dosing for Physical Benefits

At BioSpring, all of our body products are designed to be used as needed.  We encourage customers to start with a small amount and apply more to achieve the desired level of relief.  When you choose BioSpring topical CBD products for sale, you have the option to customize usage for your specific needs.

- Frequency of Use

The wonderful thing about safe and effective hemp-derived CBD is that it is guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC.  This means you never have to worry about tempering usage to limit unwanted side effects.

When you buy CBD oil for sale online, you’ll get the relief you need, when you need it.  BioSpring pure CBD body products can be used daily, and even multiple times a day, without concern, thanks to the inclusion of natural oils and other ingredients.  When your skin is dry and itchy, you’re suffering body aches, or your lips are dry and chapped, reach for your BioSpring moisturizers and lip balms to soothe, hydrate, and relax.

For a refreshing experience that combines the benefits of hemp extract with comforting ingredients designed to nourish and replenish, try our Body line. With two varieties of CBD extract cream and five flavors of lip balm available, there’s something for everyone.


MIND – Choose CBD isolate drops or full spectrum drops

The world is a hectic place, full of stressors that can leave you anxious and worried, impacting relationships, slumber, and the normal activities of your day.  In addition, many people find themselves dealing with a host of aches and pains related to a sedentary lifestyle spent working on a computer all day, or any number of common chronic conditions.

What can you do to alleviate tension and stress?  If you’re not keen to turn to prescription medications with a laundry list of potential side effects, consider what you stand to gain with CBD oil for sale online.  At BioSpring, our safe, natural, effective tinctures, including Full Spectrum Drops and CBD Pure Isolate, will help you to relax and live your best life.

- Uses of CBD Products for the Mind

BioSpring tinctures are comprised of hemp-derived CBD oil for sale online.  These products are intended to be taken orally to provide holistic relief for the body and mind.  When you buy hemp lotion online, it’s because you need targeted, topical relief, but tinctures are designed to deliver the all-around soothing and relief that helps you combat the stresses of the day and restore life balance.

You can orally ingest BioSpring tinctures by simply swallowing a dropperful, or you can mix a dose with your favorite juices and smoothies for a delicious alternative that’s incredibly discreet.  Pure CBD isolate is clear and flavorless, providing a palatable means of consumption, while Full Spectrum drops include the natural hemp flavoring many customers prefer.

- Mental Benefits of Hemp Oil for Sale Online

With all the demands of daily life, it’s no wonder so many of us are too tired and stressed to enjoy the limited time we have to ourselves, or to spend with family and friends.  Plenty of us struggle to sleep at night, with our minds trapped in endless worry over what we didn’t get done and still have to do.  It’s a vicious cycle.  With BioSpring hemp oil for sale online, you’ll have easy access to soothing tinctures that offer a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical solutions.

Our proprietary extraction process delivers potent, concentrated CBD, and we undergo rigorous, third-party testing to ensure the safe, effective, consistent products you deserve.  Whether you’re interested in tinctures for your own relief or you’re looking out for man’s best friend when you buy CBD dog treats online, or both, you’ll always enjoy pure, natural CBD products, carefully cultivated in Colorado, when you choose BioSpring.

- Proper Dosing for Peace of Mind

BioSpring tinctures are designed to deliver the effective relief you seek in a dosage of up to one dropperful taken twice daily.  Our 1-ounce full spectrum bottles, containing 500mg of CBD, are ideal for anyone new to the use of CBD tinctures, while 1000mg and 2500mg bottles are designed to deliver relief to more experienced customers.

- Frequency of Use

BioSpring CBD products for sale are all designed to be safe for daily use.  When ingesting CBD oil tinctures, we recommend starting with a low dosage, such as the 500mg bottle of Full Spectrum drops, to gauge your level of relief, before graduating to more potent products, as needed.

Choose from full spectrum CBD oil Drops in three varieties or from CBD Pure isolate drops. A full spectrum hemp extract contains many cannabinoids, the most abundant of which is cannabidiol, or CBD. The full spectrum includes many healthy, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. CBD isolate tincture, on the other hand, has been further refined to include only CBD.


PETS – Four delicious flavors of CBD pet products

Whether you’re looking to buy hemp lotion online to soothe dry skin, or you’re interested in hemp oil for sale online for daily ingestion, you might not even realize that there are also safe and effective CBD products designed specifically for your furry friends.  With our line of Furbaby Bites, your dog can enjoy the same relief as you, in a product that perfectly suits the specialized needs of pets.  Canines have a similar amount of cannabinoid receptors as do humans, making CBD dog treats a wonderful choice for pets who are getting on in years and dealing with sore hips or dogs with anxiety.

BioSpring treats are available in a range of delectable flavors, including bacon, salmon, chicken, and peanut butter.  Although they may sound enticing, remember that they’re made for your dog.  Sorry, you’ll have to limit yourself to using our safe, natural products for humans, and leave the treats for your beloved pooch!

- Uses of CBD Pet Products

You know when something is wrong with your pet.  He barks when you leave due to anxiety about being separated from his people.  He whines when he has to get up because of aches, or he obsessively licks hot spots.  When your pet is suffering, all you want to do is help.

If you’re worried about the potential side effects of prescription medication, talk to your trusted veterinarian about the possible benefits of hemp dog treats for sale online.  Our safe and effective pet CBD products are made with all-natural ingredients, and you’ll never have to worry about unwanted additives or fillers.  These are pure CBD treats made with ingredients like wild Alaskan salmon, chicken, bacon bouillon, and peanut butter, as well as natural oils, vitamin E, and more, and of course full spectrum hemp extract cultivated in Colorado.

- Benefits When You Buy CBD Dog Treats Online

Your dog deserves the best, including single-source USDA animal protein, natural ingredients, and full spectrum hemp extract that delivers the soothing relief he needs to remain happy and healthy.  As a responsible pet owner, you always want to provide for your beloved dog’s needs.  Your pet is more than a furry friend – he’s a member of the family, and you don’t ever want him to suffer.

After discussing the prospect of CBD for your pet’s health and wellness with your veterinarian, you’ll find the pure, natural products you prefer when you buy CBD dog treats online from BioSpring.  Not only will your pet enjoy safe, potent CBD products designed to deliver consistent, pet-specific relief, but your canine pal will love the many pet-approved flavors our treats offer.

- Proper Dosing for Your Best Friend

Dosing will depend largely on the size of your dog and his symptoms.  We recommend starting with one of our 4-ounce bags, containing about 100mg of full spectrum hemp extract, and starting slowly with the number of treats you offer.  After that, you can incrementally increase dosage until you find the perfect balance for your pet, eventually upgrading to 3-ounce bags that contain about 150mg of full spectrum hemp extract.

- Frequency of Use

All BioSpring products are designed for safe daily use.  When you buy CBD dog treats online, take the time to discuss appropriate daily dosage with your veterinarian and start slowly to find the perfect dosage for the size and needs of your beloved pet.


Using BioSpring CBD Products

Many people have questions about which CBD product is right for them, how much to take, whether it is safe, and more. At BioSpring, we are committed to helping everyone enjoy the benefits of CBD, so we’ve provided some answers to our most frequently asked questions below.


Which CBD Product Should I Use?

BioSpring’s line of CBD products for sale includes pain rubs, skin creams, lip balms, and drops of CBD oil. Our lip balm works wonders on dry, chapped lips, of course, and our pain rub and skin cream are most often used as a topical product intended to address specific sites on the body, like joints. Meanwhile, many people prefer using drops for a holistic approach to receiving the benefits of CBD on the mind. Finally, if you’re looking to provide CBD relief to your pets, try our Furbaby Bites line of chewable pet hemp products.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

There’s no single answer for this question that would apply to all. Everyone’s body will react somewhat differently to the use of CBD. The systems in our body that interact with cannabinoids vary, so some people will experience fewer effects and others will feel them more strongly. Because of this, we advise that customers begin with a modest amount and allow a couple of weeks to notice the effects before modifying their dosage. CBD is an incredible compound that millions of people have benefited from, so we encourage you to be patient and find what works for you!