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Full Range of High Quality, Naturally Produced Hemp CBD Extract Products for Sale

BioSpring is built on high quality, natural processes, and simple ingredients. Hemp extract, also known as CBD extract, is available from BioSpring for topical application, drops, and even in dog treats. Browse our full line today and choose the product that’s best for your needs.

BODY – Try our hemp skin cream, pain rub, and lip balm

For a refreshing experience that combines the benefits of hemp extract with comforting ingredients designed to nourish and replenish, try our Body line. With two varieties of CBD extract cream and five flavors of lip balm available, there’s something for everyone.

MIND – Choose CBD isolate drops or full spectrum drops

Choose from full spectrum CBD oil Drops in three varieties or from CBD Pure isolate drops. A full spectrum hemp extract contains many cannabinoids, the most abundant of which is cannabidiol, or CBD. The full spectrum includes many healthy, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. CBD isolate tincture, on the other hand, has been further refined to include only CBD.

PETS – Four delicious flavors of CBD pet products

Canines have a similar amount of cannabinoid receptors as do humans, making CBD dog treats a wonderful choice for pets who are getting on in years and dealing with sore hips or dogs with anxiety. Choose from bacon, salmon, chicken, and peanut butter flavors. BioSpring Furbaby Bites dog treats are made with full spectrum hemp extract.


Using BioSpring CBD Products

Many people have questions about which CBD product is right for them, how much to take, whether it is safe, and more. At BioSpring, we are committed to helping everyone enjoy the benefits of CBD, so we’ve provided some answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes! Our CBD products use cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant and contain .3% or less of THC. CBD does not get you high and the 2018 US Farm Bill made CBD products legal throughout the United States. As such, we ship our products everywhere in the US. No matter which state you live in, you can receive the benefits of CBD.

Which CBD Product Should I Use?

BioSpring’s line of CBD products for sale includes pain rubs, skin creams, lip balms, and drops of CBD oil. Our lip balm works wonders on dry, chapped lips, of course, and our pain rub and skin cream are most often used as a topical product intended to address specific sites on the body, like joints. Meanwhile, many people prefer using drops for a holistic approach to receiving the benefits of CBD on the mind. Finally, if you’re looking to provide CBD relief to your pets, try our Furbaby Bites line of chewable pet hemp products.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

There’s no single answer for this question that would apply to all. Everyone’s body will react somewhat differently to the use of CBD. The systems in our body that interact with cannabinoids vary, so some people will experience fewer effects and others will feel them more strongly. Because of this, we advise that customers begin with a modest amount and allow a couple of weeks to notice the effects before modifying their dosage. CBD is an incredible compound that millions of people have benefited from, so we encourage you to be patient and find what works for you!